Content Marketing & SEO

If Paid Google Search ads were a thing in the Blockchain space, we would’ve argued you could save thousands per month in advertising budgets. But we won’t argue because Google Search ads are almost impossible in this niche.

How do you then rank organically for the keywords relevant to your projects?

You guessed it – effective SEO & written Content Marketing 🔥 

Some Web 2.0 concepts apply to the next version of the internet too - or at least to the overlap (Web 2.5)- and in this case, it may be even more important for you not to miss out on it!

Statistically, over 70% of a regular website’s visitors come from organic searches - if the website is optimised, of course.

This is why a web project’s search engine optimization process (SEO) is essential for anyone who wants more visibility, more traffic and more clients. Most people who browse the Internet know precisely what they are looking for, and most of them are not willing to browse dozens of pages returned by search engines – this is why having a comprehensive Keyword Targeting Strategy and website content optimised accordingly is extremely important. 

In the Blockchain space, competition on SEO is gigantic, mainly as there is almost no other way to rank organically for the niche-specific terms or relevant terms that would characterise your business. Actually – as most projects in this space are creating disruptive new concepts, categories or tech, establishing as THE authority on the topic has rarely been such a burning priority. Yes – SEO is what we’re looking at 🚀

Optimizing the content of a website is a complex process that takes into account approximately 200 evaluation criteria, through which search engines (especially Google) differentiate one website from another; therefore, it must be carried out by specialists who take into account each technical detail, turning a regular website into a real marketing tool

On-site & Off-site SEO auditing, strategy & copywriting

In marketing, it’s not the message that matters most but how you deliver it to your target audience. And a well-written text that is SEO optimized has the power to excite, inform, sell, or do all of them!

Although having a blog seems like a matter of the past, a company blog can actually prove to be one of the most effective Marketing tools through which search engines can notice your business and help you bring it more easily in front of your target audience. How can you do that? By offering your potential customers useful information, news and trends from your industry – but that’s not enough – you’ll need to create a consistent on-site content strategy and to optimise your articles according to your keyword research. This will position your brand as a thought leader in your category and will help you gain trust – the most important element for a new web 3.0 project that struggles with converting prospects into blockchain adopters.

Having a marketing agency as your partner means also having an integrated cross-platform communication strategy – your blogposts will also be promoted through other channels so in the end your website traffic sources won’t be limited to just organic traffic but also social media, email marketing, referral etc. We will guide your business step by step and use modern and creative methods to turn your business communication into a successful one!