Email Marketing Automation

Good – you invested tens of thousands in user acquisition campaigns for your blockchain project.

Whether that was through influencer marketing campaigns (in which case sometimes this can get to 6-digit budgets), paid acquisition, display, community initiatives, though airdrops or organically, if you have a user onboarding journey you are  likely to see a drop in the onboarding journey – mainly at the KYC stage, or at the usage, adoption or in your referral program. That’s where Email marketing comes into place, integrated with your remarketing campaigns.

Help users onboard, pass KYC, actually become an active part of your active community or bring new users on board.

  • Create automated email flows that constantly drive up the number of daily active users and referrals

  • Leverage direct Email communications to introduce your brand further to your close community members

  • Don't spam. Educate. Incentivise. Built forward & scale. 🚀

  • Leverage web 2.0 customer behaviour to drive users to web 3.0 adoption