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Metaverse is a vision for a shared online world that merges virtual reality, augmented reality, and physical worlds. In Metaverse, there are multiple extended interaction options for users. Therefore it is an excellent opportunity for brands to develop their business in WEB3.0. Users move with their digital identity in a shared virtual space without internal borders.

In the first phase, we audit the existing accounts (if any). We analyze the market, competitors, and opportunities that can scale the brand to create a viable marketing strategy and allocate the budget for the best results. We closely monitor performance metrics and constantly optimize the campaigns we create.

The strategies we create involve several marketing actions that must be carried out simultaneously for the best results. Depending on the budgets, the channels approached, the market dynamics, notable results can appear even in the short term - everything depends on the brand's niche. However, we assure you that we respect our deadlines and set objectives, regardless of the situation.

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