Digital Marketing for Blockchain projects

Successfully build, deploy & scale a strong marketing engine for your project

Marketing done right for Blockchain start-ups & existing projects looking to scale.

Over the past 4 years we have build extensive in-house experience and we’re now ready to bring this into your project. Plug & Play integrated marketing that delivers quantifiable results? Yes, please!

Two of the things our clients appreciate most – and you might do as well – are our internal know-how sourcing (therefore not working with external contractors to deliver your work) and our established 360-degree Web 2.0 experience (with a strong focus on both B2C user acquisition as well as tech marketing)which we tailored to suit the Blockchain industry – and not just showing up to the table joining some “trend”.

From building a tailored marketing strategy for blockchain to executing on most “traditional” Web 2.0 channels, you’re highly likely to find your long-term partner here. 

Paid Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising allows you to target relevant people for your business to get quality results while increasing brand awareness. We understand your business objectives and use the best optimization practices to deliver promised results successfully.

Programmatic Advertising

Having as partners two of the biggest programmatic display inventory owners in the world, we can help you get your brand where Google Ads may not let you 😁. More specifically, through interactive programmatic display advertising we help blockchain brands get cool, dynamic ads in front of their ideal customers, on the websites they spend their time on, real-time. Real-time targeting & bidding are top, too.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Blockchain, NFT & Web 3.0 projects

We'll dive deep with you into your product, understand how to best grow it through the available digital marketing channels & build an action-oriented marketing strategy to get you where you want to be.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Early adopters of the most popular Social platforms, we have a track record of delivering high performing Social Media Advertising & Management services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube, Telegram, Discord, Linkedin, and Reddit.

Content Marketing & SEO

While there are some limitations in most geographies for advertising DeFi & blockchain projects, if registered with the right authorities we’ll be able to help you make a strong start with your Paid SEM campaigns on Google & Bing. SEO is the ONE channel any business should absolutely consider from the very start - even from the initial website copywriting phase! Mainly in a space where paid advertising can sometimes get tricky, organic ranking in search can - and does - make a difference.

Email Marketing Automation

If you're a platform looking to build a customer base, it's likely you will need a good onboarding funnel - and an automated Email sequence to support customer onboarding. You can count on us for the whole process - from funnel structure to copywriting, design & implementation.