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Did you know there is a new marketing channel in town? This brand-new digital marketing tool allows marketers to create a virtual world and make it accessible to their customers and prospectors.  Welcoming the Metaverse Marketing! The Metaverse world allows consumers to celebrate and embrace their uniqueness, discover new experiences, and find their ideal lifestyle. By leveraging modern technologies such as VR (virtual reality), AR (Augmented Reality), IoT (Internet of Things) & AI (Artificial Intelligence), Metaverse Marketing can deliver a personalized experience and a real sense of connection with the customer. As the real world becomes more complex and rapidly changing with technological innovations, this promotional channel is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society. 

Metaverse Marketing – The journey into the future of interactive media

Marketing is changing before our eyes. The internet has become the new frontier where marketers and consumers interact and the most popular opportunity for brands to connect with customers individually. In short, Metaverse Marketing is modern marketing powered by various technologies. Do you want to have greater control over your online brand identity and break down barriers between traditional advertising and SEO campaigns? This channel allows you to span the virtual and physical worlds, as well as multiple platforms. As the world goes more digital, the Metaverse represents an opportunity to engage customers in entirely new ways – keep reading on to see which are the most popular brands that have already entered the  Metaverse in 2022.

  1. Samsung

One of the brands established in the Metaverse through the originality of customer interaction experiences with its products is the tech giant Samsung. In January 2022, the well-known brand launched a virtual store on the Decentraland platform, inspired by one of their physical stores located at 837 Washington Street, New York City. Called Samsung 837X,  the store has welcomed over 120,000 customers since its opening. What can one experience in this pioneering Metaverse store? 873X is a playground for senses Visitors can enjoy many immersive experiences, such as building their own adventure, interacting with other in-game characters, and accomplishing missions.

  1. Burberry

The famous high-fashion brand Burberry isn’t one to stay out of the Metaverse loop. It has expanded its high-quality collections in the virtual environment through a collaboration with the designers of the game Honor of Kings. Thus, Burberry stepped into a new stage to connect with potential customers by creating virtual outfits inspired by real-world collections, exclusively for the Honor of Kings’ game characters. One of the most iconic outfits consists of trench coats, boots, crop tops, and shorts, but the brand also offers more spectacular outfits, such as a vest with crystal embroidery, trousers with a front jumpsuit, a blue matching set of trench coats and boots. Complete outfits and individual selections are available online and offline – try them on in the Metaverse, and wear them in reality!

  1. Stella Artois

Stella Artois is also one of the big and well-known brands that galloped into the Metaverse with an exclusive NFT horse racing collection. Together with the team from Virtually Human Studio, they created a digital platform called Zen Run, which imitates the unique and adrenaline-filled atmosphere of horse racing. Stella Artois has created a set of unique horse breeds for the platform, complete with themed skins – but viewers don’t just watch 3D horse racing. They can buy, sell and breed digital racehorses, and enter them into races. You can even 3D race track. The vibrant and unique colours of each horse offer every event explorer to express their uniqueness and enjoy the whole experience at the “Racing in the Life Artois.”

  1. Wendy’s

The fast-food chain Wendy’s is always in step with the trends among the young audience – Metaverse included. The company recently stepped into a whole new realm of experiences after collaborating with Fortnite.  This multiplatform game has hosted numerous virtual concerts by international artists, such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. The collaboration involved a new game mode called Food Fight, hosted entirely by the Fortnite platform. Wendy’s developed a character whose mission is to destroy frozen beef – promoting the fast food chain’s commitment to using “beef fresh, never frozen” on its menu. Wendy’s streamed their game on Twitch, garnering over 250,000 live views. The ingenious campaign resulted in multiple influencer awards and increased brand awareness across Wendy’s Metaverse.

  1. The Walking Dead

This is probably one of the brands you wouldn’t have expected to be in the Metaverse – but these disruptive web3.0 technologies allow all brands to unleash their imagination and create unique ways to interact with customers and prospects, in any niche. The Walking Dead delivers quality content for its fans beyond the hit series. Thus, the television series expanded its reach by collaborating with The Sandbox.  They created a game inspired by the successful series The Walking Dead: an intriguing story with zombies, well-defined characters, and personalized journeys in the universe of classics that follow the thread of the series of movies.

Any type of industry can enter the captivating world of the Metaverse, so it’s time for your brand to make its appearance in the virtual world. You just need to have the ideas and the right guidance. Do you need help approaching things in the best ways right from the start? Contact us for the best Metaverse Marketing services!

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