Our close partners

A metaverse & Web 3.0 powerhouse

We do marketing - but you may need a few other things as well on the journey to Web 3.0.

We have partnered with the best-in-class out there to ensure full support on all areas – not only marketing but also production and tech – on your journey to Web 3.0.

Our partners

eCommerce NFT minting & Analytics

NextBase is the leader in NFT generation and primary & secondary market analytics. By leveraging their ecosystem & tech we help Shopify-based online stores reward customers with NFT's for their physical purchases and analyse their performance while seemingly integrating with each owner's social profiles. Through our partnership we are able to provide our clients not only with real-time performance tracking but also insights into previous success stories on the Ethereum blockhchain.

3D product design & wearable generation

Threedium enables eCommerce brands to build & launch high impact online experiences. Through our partnership eCommerce brands looking to make their first steps in the Metaverse can immediately begin the development of 3D fashion collections, for example, and move forward using these in both Web 3.0 realms as well as other platforms that support wearable skins.

A pool of marketing professionals

The European Marketing Institute is our trusted partner for disseminating and promoting technology trends, Web 3.0 adoption and receive market feedback on our strategies from fellow trusted marketing professionals.