Programmatic Advertising

That’s one of the most open and restriction-free channel to advertise trustworthy, legit blockchain projects in a targeted and visually-appealing way. If it doesn’t ring a bell, stock around and read on 🙂 

Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising has an immediate impact and gives your brand more highly relevant exposure due to the presence of your ads on the websites your audience potentially visits. But you know what’s even better that classic PPC in advertising Blockchain projects? Programmatic Advertising! 

Compared to classic Google Display campaigns, for example,  you can better target the exact publications where you want your ads to display, the demographics you want to see these, which social class they should be in and – if you prefer – expand from there into a wider niche-wide ad network delivery (for example only on crypto-related websites) and have only people within certain demographics see these. Moreover, you can use highly interactive HTML ads to increase CTR< brand recall, brand interaction and – ultimately – website traffic. 

Quite cool, huh? 🔥

Budget optimisation is our middle name!

Use dynamic ad creatives delivered in real time to people that are falling right within your target segment, manifest in-market interest and navigate websites in the niche.

IF we're moving forward, that's the journey in a nutshell

  • Defining campaign objectives

    We determine your business goals and your target audience behaviour through a complete analysis in order to find out which campaign type is best suited.

  • Identifying the best ad network provider, inventory & ad delivery strategy

    Based on the information you’ll provide, we’ll create a channel-specific analysis, action plan, delivery strategy, budget estimates & expected results based on all intent & geodemographic data we aim for.

  • Fully managed campaign deployment

    From ad creative coding to campaign set-up & deployment, we'll have you covered. 100% in a transparent way, so you always know what's going on.

  • Performance evaluation & report

    Nothing is random! We permanently monitor the results to ensure the campaigns are still suitable for achieving your objectives, and we come with different proposals to optimise them.